Effective Homemade deodorant

Today I'm going to show you how to make an all natural deodorant using simple ingredients.
Everything you'll need is already in your pantry,hmm well I guess...

After a few months of using this incredible deodorant, I decided to share it with you on my blog .
I think that commercial deodorants are dangerous for our health, they're known to cause alzheimer's and breast cancer.

Ingredients  for 230 ml

80 ml  coconut oil (16 Tsp)
60 grams baking soda (12 Tsp)
30 grams cornstarch (6 Tsp)
30 grams alum powder (6 Tsp)
20 to 25 drops of essential oil


Mix the dry ingredients all together after making sure that they have the same consistency. Mix the liquid coconut oil with the Essential Oil and add it to the dry ingredients and Voila !

You can use any essential oil you want, but first you have to make sure you're not sensitive to it, you can use orange essential for sent, or Rosemary EO for its antiseptic qualities.

Coconut oil will help you have a soft skin, alum powder is a natural bleacher.
I hope you guys will enjoy making this homemade deodorant!

N.B: In the picture you can see two containers, the yellow one is for homemade use, the second one is for travel, it's a space saver container, I carry it with me when I'm travelling.

It is better to keep the big container in the fridge and keep the small container for your  daily use. Because the deodorant's odor might change especially during summer.

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