The best shampoo alternaive for stronger and shiny hair

Lately, I've been suffering a lot from hair fall, I thought it was due to excessive stress and hormonal imbalances, I've tried many hairloss recipes but they didn't actually work. After reading some articles on the internet I found out that hairloss might result from using commercial shampoos, as they contain many harmful chemicals  that may actually damage hair and irritate the scalp. In extreme cases, some of these ingredients may even cause or exacerbate hair loss, like Sodium Lauryl Sulfat, Sodium Laureth Sulfat, Parabens, Sodium Chloride.

I decided to never use shampoos and instead cleanse my hair using a natural alternative:

Rhassoul Clay :

Rhassoul clay is the perfect shampoo substiute . This is LOVELY stuff. For skin and hair.  It is one of the better shampoo alternatives out there as it not only cleans but also conditions. I make a paste with two spoonfuls and boiling water. Once cool I smooth it into hair, after a few minutes I brush it through hair and rinse off. 

Directions : Mix with water and leave to hydrate and activate for about 10 minutes. Use a non-metallic bowl and spoon. Add more water or powder if needed to acheive the right consistency for the intended use.

Important: you need a LOT more clay than your normal shampoo, it needs to cover your hair almost completely or it won’t do anything at all. Two tea spoons is plenty for my hair (reaches down to about the middle of my back), plus it’s also fine and light, so thick-haired people may need more and should wash it out thoroughly. I’ve read that for thick hair you could add some argan oil into the mixture.
You rub it in your hair (try to get it everywhere) for a few minutes and it works best if you can leave it in for at least 5 minutes (just don’t let it dry anywhere on your body). Please note: it will not foam or feel anything like your regular shampoo.
Rhassoul clay hair wash review :  After using rhassoul clay to wash my hair for a couple weeks ( I wash my hair twice a week) I noticed that my hair fall decreased and my hair got softer and shinier and thicker.

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