Make Your Own Super-Moisturizing Hair Balm

This quickly absorbed hair balm will make your hair strong and completely nourished it can also be used to fight dry split ends without leaving them distinctly oily.


3.5 oz (100 ml)  Shea butter
2 oz (60 ml) coconut oil
1 oz (30 ml) sesame oil
1 oz (30 ml)  avocado oil
1 oz (30 ml)  sweet almond oil
20 drops Vitamin E Oil


In a double boiler,  melt shea butter and coconut oil
Remove from heat, and let shea butter/coconut oil mixture cool a bit 
Add sthe remaining oils and mix well together
If using Vitamin E to lengthen the shelf life of the balm,  poke the vitamin E pills squeezing the contents into the bowl and let cool until hardened.

To use, get a small amount on your fingers. Spread it between your fingers and rub it into the ends up of your hair. The balm should absorb almost instantly. If it doesn't, you’re using too much.

I highly recommend this hair balm, my hair loves it !