DIY Vanilla Lip Balm

Ingredients:  Makes about 1 oz (30 ml ) of lip balm

3 tsp (15 g / ml) of Shea butter

3 tsp  (15 g / ml) of Apricot Kernel oil
1.5 tsp (6 g) of beeswax
6 drops of  vitamin E oil
6-9 drops of  Vanilla Essential Oil

* These proportions are particularly perfect for a stick balm  . If you want a creamy balm ( like a lip gloss) reduce the part of  beeswax.

Directions :

Melt in a bain-marie shea, apricot oil and beeswax. 

Once everything is melted, add vitamin E and essential oil. Stir with a spatula. 
Pour into your pot or stick vacuum (careful, it solidifies very quickly!). 
Let your balm cool and Voila !

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